Summary in Plain English:

Check ID uses no analytics and does not require any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The only data you enter into Check ID is stored locally on your device. It is never transmitted anywhere. Check ID does not run servers.


We want to make it clear how we use your data. We appreciate your trust and handle it carefully and sensibly. By using our services you accept our privacy policy.

What this App Collects

Check ID only stores what information you enter into the app. A one-way hash of the encoded data on scanned barcodes is stored locally to detect when that barcode was re-scanned. List info and names stay locally on your device and are never copied anywhere else.

Ads & Analytics

No analytics are collected. There are no ads.

How Information is Used

Data is only stored locally on your device. When you delete data, it is removed. When you delete this app, all data is removed.

How We Protect Information

No data is transmitted off of your device, so we collect no data.

Your Rights

You can access or delete your personal information anytime directly within the app.

This policy may change at any time. It will be available at: